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723 E Wade St., Trenton, FL 32693

Loving, Caring Service... Every Time

Our Story

As a nurse, starting a business of my own providing care to others, was always a dream of mine. After working in many areas of nursing and starting a nurse staffing company that quickly grew, home care became a new passion. This is why after just two years of venturing into an independent nurse staffing company, we have started a new branch of health care services. Together with fellow nurses and friends, we were able to make On Point Home Health a reality. As of 2020, On Point Health Services now consists of Home Health care and Nurse Staffing. We are excited to see what the future holds and how On Point Health Services makes a difference in the lives of our nurses and patients alike.

-Terri Ezell, Owner

Our Mission

To be a superior provider of healthcare and health professionals
with a passion and love for quality, “on point” service.

What We Believe In

Our values drive our care taking and decision making everyday. It is what drives us to provide better care for our patients and provide professional nurses for our partners.

Our attitude towards our partners and patients as we care for them in their time of need.
Our drive to be honest, honorable, punctual in an effort to above reproach.
Our passion to share selfless, servant-like care and the love of Christ with our staff, patients and staffing partners in an effort to provide patients with a comfortable experience during their time of need.
Our passion to protect the privacy and health of our patients and clients by treating people the way we would like to be treated.