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7 Myths About Home Health Care—Debunked!

Around 85 percent of seniors currently plan to age in place over the next 10 years. Of these aging adults, more than 80 percent report having a family member to help them with everyday needs.

But what happens when seniors need help that goes beyond the expertise of a family member? Home health services are a great way to replace or supplement the help you get from family members.

Guard against rumors about the home health care system that cause unneeded delays in care. Here are 7 myths about home health care debunked.

1. Home Health Care is Expensive

One of the most common myths about home health care is that it’s unaffordable. But if you have Medicare, Medicaid or even private insurance, you can get your home health care services covered by your policy.

The only stipulation is that you must qualify according to the guidelines set forth by your insurer. This makes home health care much more attainable for everyone especially people with low income.

Even home care assistants are paid by the hour which means you can tailor the home health services to your budget and specific needs. Compared to hospital stays and other types of specialized care, home health care services a very inexpensive.

2. Home Health Care Takes Away Independence

Even independent seniors need help from time to time. Bringing in a home health care professional can give them much needed support with tasks that might be too risky to do alone.

But most of the tasks performed by home health care services simply lighten the load of seniors living alone. Not having to wash the dishes or put boxes away in the attic only give you more time doing your favorite hobbies.

Home health care assistants often turn into friendly companions over time who make life more enjoyable. Before writing off home health care as a form of babysitting, consider how much more you can get done in a day with an extra pair of hands around the house.

3. Home Health Care is Low Quality

Many peope assume that because home health care professionals don’t work in hospitals or doctors’ offices they provide low-quality care. But home health agencies hire licensed, highly skilled staff that can do many of the same services as a hospital or doctor’s office.

in-home nurse helping elderly senior man
Senior Male Working With Physiotherapist

Home health care workers have an advantage over hospitals in that they can work in a more relaxed environment and pay more attention to detail. Expect your assistant to have some medical knowledge and experience.

Think of home health services as you would a doctor’s visit in your home, but with other housekeeping benefits. You’ll have services like medication management and techniques for quick recovery following any injuries.

4. Home Health Care is for People Without Family Caregivers

In a perfect world, family takes care of family. But in many instances, everyday life can make this situation nearly impossible.

Children become burdened with the guilt that they want to take care of an aging parent but have young children or work obligations to deal with. Parents feel equally guilty for needing help when they’d rather be independent.

Home health care professionals help level this playing field by providing services when children are unavailable or need time. Consider home health services part-time if you’d rather keep family caregivers on hand.

You might need them seasonally when your children are busiest with grandkids going to and from extracurricular activities. Home health professionals are flexible in making a hybrid schedule work for your family.

5. Home Health Care is for Sick People

Another common myth about home health care is that it’s only for sick people. The truth is that home health care is for any aging adult with any temporary or permanent need for support.

Some clients do have very serious illnesses or diseases. But this won’t account for everyone receiving home health care services.

You can arrange home health services after an injury or surgery where you need help with daily tasks. Home health assistants help you stay on track with your medication and watch out for dangerous symptoms.

6. Home Health Care Isn’t Something Long Term

One of the most confusing myths about home health care is that it isn’t a long term care solution. People think of it as something that happens when you fall ill or leave the hospital that later fades away as you recover.

It’s seen as a stepping stone in getting well again. This myth overlooks the many seniors who maintain relationships with home health care professionals for years and years until they pass away.

Another misconception is that this ‘temporary help’ from a home health care professional means you’ll be moved to an assisted living facility in the near future. Aging in place is a viable solution partly because of home health care services.

You have more control over your retirement future with home health services available to you ongoing. Assisted living facilities are a great option for some families, but are not the next step after receiving home health care services.

7. Home Health Care is Only Needed After a Hospital Stay

Yes, you can call a home health service when you’re ill or just got out of surgery. But you can also enlist the help of a home health professional if you just need help with household chores.

Healthy seniors are more likely to opt to grow old in their own homes instead of going to an assisted living facility. By having a home health care professional come to them, they get many of the same services as they would in an assisted living facility but in the comfort of home.

Some home health care assistants do very little medical services. Each scenario is different and based on the client’s individual needs.

Debunking Myths About Home Health Care

Debunking myths about home health care is important because it means more people can get the help they need. Families rely on home health services to ease the strain of caring for aging parents.

Seniors gain even more independence by having someone nearby who can help them accomplish more of their goals and hobbies. Before missing out on the many benefits of home health care services, contact us today.

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